The SightLife Academy Fellowship is an opportunity to learn from one of the most effective, efficient, and largest eye banks in the world. This intensive, three-week program uses an international-standard best practices approach to develop strong leaders in eye banking, emphasizing people leadership, operational excellence, and problem-solving.

The Fellowship develops capacity and leadership within the greater eye banking community to catalyze growth and development of eye banking, and ultimately, help eliminate treatable corneal blindness. With a tissue volume of 7000+ transplanted corneas per year with domestic operations, and another 10000+ transplants per year from SightLife Global Partner eye banks, the program teaches best practices from around the world, and utilizes trainers and mentors with global experience in Asia, Africa and the Americas.


The SightLife Academy Fellowship is designed to be hands-on, experiential, and project-based. The format includes a mix of didactic courses, small group sessions with trainers, independent project work with a mentor, and participation in the leading national eye banking conference.

Course components include:

  1. Attend Eye Bank Association of America's Annual Meeting with leading industry peers
    1. Networking with eye banking leaders from around the world
    2. Technician Skills workshop/operations/technical items
    3. Leadership Development
    4. Medical Standards
    5. Scientific and Medical Symposia
  2. Advanced training overview in eye bank operations: Referral, Recovery, Tissue Evaluation, Medical Review, Distribution, Family Services, Hospital Services/Development, QC, QA
  3. Individualized analysis of your eye bank's current state and future possible growth. Jointly/Individualized recommendations for growth and success
  4. Independent Project work with an assigned mentor
    1. Develop an action plan to address a current problem or opportunity within each participant's eye bank
    2. Rapid development process
    3. Final Presentation to Fellows/Cohort and Mentors
  5. Ongoing follow-up and support


  • Application deadline: 28 March 2015
  • Fellowship dates: 21 May - 6 June 2015 (including sessions at the EBAA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, and at SightLife headquarters in Seattle, Washington)

Estimated costs and expenses

Course fees $3500
Hotels $3500 (estimate)
EBAA Registration Fee $850
Expenses (meals, taxis, etc. estimated at $42/day) $850
Domestic Flight $300 (estimate)
Travelers' Insurance $50
International Flight Variable

Eligibility for participation

The ideal applicant is a Full Time Eye Bank Manager/Executive Director with at least a year of technical operations experience who oversees staff, including administrative and operational tasks. Candidates from developing countries with high need will receive priority. Since this is an advanced course for leaders, minimum criteria include:

  1. Demonstrated Eye Bank operational experience (recovery, processing, evaluating, distributing tissue)
  2. Leadership role in their eye bank
  3. Fluent in English (verbal and written)
  4. Decision-making capability within their eye bank

Application or additional information:

Download the SightLife Academy Fellowship Application Form - Word (Word Doc | 159 KB) or

Download the SightLife Academy Fellowship Application Form - PDF (PDF | 276 KB).

Contact Brian Washburn, Global Training & Development Manager, at .