"What we realized in 2013 is that we weren't eliminating corneal blindness fast enough. At the rate we were going, it was going to take us 250 years to accomplish our mission. We simply can't wait that long."

Excerpt from SightLife President & CEO Monty Montoya's 2013 report. Read more

Laying the Groundwork: The Northwest Lions Foundation

Northwest Lions Foundation

SightLife was originally founded in 1969 by the Lions of the Pacific Northwest. Year after year, some of our most valued partners are the Lions Clubs in Washington and Northern Idaho. SightLife and its Northwest Lions Foundation coordinate with 250 Lions Clubs in our region to provide health screening and healthcare grants to more than 30,000 low-income children and adults. In 2013, SightLife gave back over $250,000 to our local communities through the Foundation, providing free medical care to 321 indigent residents. Visit their website

Financial Report

Pie Chart

Our revenues have grown more than 17% over 2012. Only 13% of SightLife’s spending goes for administration and fundraising. The rest is directly invested in our nonprofit programs, with more than $1.7 million in partner eye banks. Read more

A Superhero Gives the Gift of Sight

Autry Emelia

When 21-year-old Emelia Mijangos learned that her cornea donor was a 6-year-old boy, she lit a candle in his memory at her church and prayed for him and his family. "He was just a child," she said tearfully. Yet that child, Bryce Autry from Bozeman, MT, had become her hero. Read more

We are restoring sight to people all over the globe, but millions more are waiting.

Three Ladies

Sunanda, age 58, was diagnosed with corneal dystrophy in 1987. In 2010, she had a corneal transplant at Disha Eye Institute in Barrackpore, India. She can now engage in her favorite activity – reading the newspaper. Read more

Afsana, age 6, was born with limited vision. A corneal transplant at the LV Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad, India, made for a huge improvement. The first time she saw her father’s face, she wept. Read more

Rajni, age 20, was born bilaterally blind. When she was referred to Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital in Delhi, India, she felt hopeful her vision would be restored. She is now self-sufficient and taught herself to read. Read more

2013 Highlights

From a new record of sight-restoring transplants to double-digit growth for our global partners, here are a few highlights from 2013

We could not have done it without your help!

From the Goradia Foundation, to the Visionary Circle, to everyday contributors and tributes, it takes many acts of generosity to reach the level that we have. See the list of our Superheroes

SightLife's Leadership

Board of Directors

Board Chair Paul J. Dubord, MD, FRCSC
Vice Chair of the Board James L. Smalley
Secretary Ann Blume
Treasurer | Finance/Audit Committee Chair Melody J. Summers, JD
President & CEO Monty M. Montoya
Northwest Lions Foundation Director Roger Richert
General Elected Directors Linda Jones, CFP®
Roger Eigsti
G. N. Rao, MD
Jacalyn Lindstrom
Diane Sabin
Kush Parikh

Medical Directors

Medical Director Thomas D.Lindquist, MD, PhD
Associate Medical Directors Paul J. Dubord, MD, FRCSC
Douglas Holsclaw, MD
Matthew S. Oliva, MD
Rey Pangilinan, MD
Marjan Farid, MD
Sumit Garg, MD


President & CEO Monty M. Montoya
Chief Operating Officer Bernie Iliakis
Chief Financial Officer Tim McLaughlin
Chief Development Officer Scott Garrepy
Chief Global Officer Claire Bonilla
Chief Marketing Officer Rusty Kelly
Senior Advisor to the CEO Sandy Jeghers

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