"Because of you, all around the world, children returned to classrooms, adults rejoined the workforce, and parents were able to take care of their families."

— Excerpt from SightLife President & CEO Monty Montoya's 2015 message to supporters
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Laying the Groundwork: The Northwest Lions Foundation

Northwest Lions Foundation

SightLife was originally founded in 1969 by the Lions of the Pacific Northwest. Year after year, some of our most valued partners are the Lions Clubs in Washington and Northern Idaho. SightLife and its Northwest Lions Foundation coordinate with 250 Lions Clubs in our region to provide health screening and healthcare grants to more than 35,000 children and adults. In 2015, SightLife gave back more than $350,000 to our local communities through the Foundation, which provided free medical care to 300 residents.
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Financial Report

Pie Chart

Our revenues grew more than 14% from 2014 to 2015. Only 13.3% of SightLife’s spending goes to administration and fundraising. The remainder is directly invested in our nonprofit programs, with more than $2.5 million in partner eye banks.
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Baby Elaha's Story

Baby Elaha

“She wrinkles and wiggles her nose at him, giggling at the funny faces he makes. Elaha is a typical toddler, and her father, Baz Mohamed, a typical doting father. But this was not the way their life together began…”
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Lucy's Story


It was Lucy's compassion and exuberance that made her the perfect representative of cornea recipients and SightLife in this year's Rose Parade. Lucy’s sister and kidney donor, Lilia, accompanied her and the pair was joined by Lucy’s cornea surgeon, Douglas Holsclaw, MD of Kaiser Permanente, and his wife, Melody Summers, who serves as chairperson of SightLife’s Board of Directors.
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Manoj's Story


“When the bandages were removed from his left eye, a whole new world opened up for Manoj, a world of wonder where old things became new and the mundane became beautiful…”
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Varsha's Story


“Varsha has been doing counseling work since 2006, having been inspired to dedicate her life to this work after she had her own sight restored…”
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SightLife's Leadership 2015

Board of Directors

Board Chair Melody J. Summers
Vice Chair of the Board James L. Smalley
Secretary Jaci M. Lindstrom
Treasurer, Finance/Audit Committee Chair Kush Parikh
President & CEO Monty M. Montoya
Northwest Lions Foundation Director Roger Richert
General Elected Directors Ann Blume
Paul J. Dubord, MD, FRCSC
Roger Eigsti
Sapphira Goradia
Linda P. Jones
Gullapalli Rao
Diane Sabin

Medical Director

Medical Director Thomas D. Lindquist, MD, PhD
Associate Medical Directors Paul J. Dubord, MD, FRCSC
Marjan Farid, MD 
Sumit Garg, MD
Douglas Holsclaw, MD
Bennie Jeng, MD, MS
Matthew Oliva, MD
Rey Pangilinan, MD


President & CEO Monty M. Montoya
Chief Global Officer Claire Bonilla
Vice President of Human Resources  Gretchen Coker
Chief Development Officer Scott Garrepy
Chief Operating Officer Bernie Iliakis
Chief Marketing Officer Rusty Kelly
Chief Financial Officer Tim McLaughlin
Senior Advisor to the CEO Sandy Jeghers