President & CEO Monty Montoya's Report

As everyone who has been involved with SightLife in recent years knows, a major recurring theme with our organization is “growth.” And in 2015, I am proud to say that trend continued full speed ahead. Why does that make me proud? Because the faster SightLife grows, the faster we can eliminate corneal blindness and restore sight to those in need.

Our stated goal is to eliminate corneal blindness by 2040. We are passionate in our belief that we will get there, and dedicated in our work to achieve that goal. We are tremendously grateful for your support, generosity and partnership in making that happen.

Your generous support in 2015 helped 24,600 individuals receive the gift of sight, an 18% increase compared to 2014. Because of you, all around the world, children returned to classrooms, adults rejoined the work force, and parents were able to take care of their families.

In 2015, SightLife made possible nearly 12,000 transplants in the U.S. alone, an incredible 45% increase over 2014 and a new record for our organization. Internationally, SightLife and its partners facilitated 12,715 sight-restoring cornea transplants, recovering from what had been a down year in 2014 to ultimately serve more people than ever before in India. Nepal and Ethiopia. We are humbled to work both in partnership and lead programs in this movement worldwide. Our purpose is always to be of service, and we are honored to have been able to positively impact so many individuals.

With 2016 underway, we have great momentum to catalyze growth that will continue to revolutionize access to corneal transplants and sight-restoring corneal treatments around the world. Along the way we will have many opportunities to celebrate success – and refocus on the next segment of the climb to eliminate corneal blindness.

As we move forward, we want to thank you for your partnership in this life-changing work. Your contributions help create a reality in which thousands each year have the opportunity to see the world through new eyes. Your support goes toward unleashing the potential of these individuals in ways that ripples across families, communities, and across countries. From me and from all the corneal blind we serve: THANK YOU!

Yours in restoring sight,