This isn’t just about restoring sight to 12.7 million individuals with corneal blindness – it’s about eliminating the waiting list completely, in our lifetime.

Claire Bonilla, Chief Global Officer

From SightLife's Chief Global Officer

As Chief Global Officer of SightLife, I am proud to report that 2016 was a record-breaking year for the mission to eliminate corneal blindness worldwide. SightLife and its partners made 16,939 transplants possible in India, Greater Asia and Ethiopia – 33 percent more than the previous year. In addition, SightLife trained more surgeons than ever before – a total of 240 – while reducing per-surgeon training costs by 75 percent. We rounded out the year by inaugurating the first SightLife operated eye bank outside of the U.S., the King George Medical University Community Eye Bank, in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

These are all highlights, to be sure, but we know we have a long way to go. This isn’t just about restoring sight to 12.7 million individuals with corneal blindness – it’s about eliminating the waiting list completely, in our lifetime. We will get there and you are the reason we know we will. It is an honor to partner with you in this transformational mission – thank you for all you do to ensure that individuals around the globe can see the world through new eyes.

Yours in eliminating corneal blindness,


Claire Bonilla
Chief Global Officer

2016 Highlights

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What We Are Learning Along the Way

Grassroots efforts such as direct, one-on-one eye bank consulting is moving the needle, but to turn the tide, favorable policies – such as donor registries and mandatory notification of death – need to be in place in developing countries. SightLife is formally launching its policy and advocacy work focused on increasing access to tissue, reinforcing operating standards and promoting appropriate reimbursement policies.

In addition, we’ve learned that efficiently addressing the shortage of corneal tissue doesn’t require a large volume of operational eye banks. Instead, having strategically located high volume eye banks with collection and distribution hubs in remote regions, powered by our Cornea Distribution Services, is key to resolving this issue. Based on this approach, SightLife is strategically selecting partners based on capacity and location, as opposed to working with all interested parties.

Surgeon Training at the KGMU UP Community Eye Bank
Uttar Pradesh, India

Photo © 2016 Mark Swatzell

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Community Eye Bank Opens in Uttar Pradesh, India

On December 5, 2016, SightLife and King George Medical University (KGMU) celebrated the opening of the KGMU UP Community Eye Bank, a state-of-the-art facility in Lucknow, the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) in India. Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India, with two-thirds the population of the U.S. The U.S. performed almost 50,000 transplants last year, but in UP only 650 cornea transplants were done.

“With the advent of this eye bank, we are now in a position to remove corneal blindness in our state and we are very excited about that,” proclaimed Dr. Arun K. Sharma, Associate Professor of KGMU, Ophthalmology Department and KGMU UP Community Eye Bank Medical Director.

SightLife intends for the KGMU UP Community Eye Bank to be the gold standard of partnership, excellence and commitment to eliminating corneal blindness across India and beyond.

Grand Opening of the KGMU UP Community Eye Bank
Uttar Pradesh, India

Photo © 2016 Mark Swatzell

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Clear Eyes on the Future

As we work toward eliminating corneal blindness by 2040, we will be expanding our presence online. The Eye Bank Learning and Community Portal will provide a vibrant web-based environment for information sharing, training, webinars and network-building for eye banks around the world.

SightLife will also launch learning and development lectures, hands-on trainings and labs, certification opportunities and peer-networking and connecting opportunities. The first event will be for the Pan-Asia eye bank community of partners with plans to hold events in other countries soon after.

Additionally, SightLife will be bolstering its patient care program efforts to ensure that patients who receive corneal transplants are able to reap the long-term benefits of having their sight restored. Given that approximately 75 percent of patients travel a minimum of 60 miles for their surgery, it is vital that a follow‑up plan is in place.

Corneal Transplant Recipient, Karthik, age 12
Hyderabad, India

Photo © 2014 Margot Duane

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ChandBee's Story

Corneal Transplant Recipient

ChandBee lives outside of Hyderabad, India, and she developed corneal blindness in her mid-20s. Her sight became so impaired and her condition so painful that she could no longer work in the fields. She and her husband – both farmers – could no longer support their family, so the children were forced to move to a foster home.

Fortunately, ChandBee was able to get connected to a SightLife partner, the L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, where there was an opportunity for patients to receive sight-restoring corneal transplants as part of a surgeon training seminar taking place at the Institute. Just one day after an Indian surgeon performed her transplant, with the guidance of a SightLife-sponsored surgeon mentor, she could see again.

ChandBee has now returned to farming and her children are now back home. Her story is an excellent example of how restoring sight – while clearly an admirable end unto itself – is a means to even more important “ends”: families are reunited, and people can pursue productive lives of hope and opportunity. Thank you for making transformational outcomes like this possible, thousands of times a year and all around the world.

Corneal Transplant Recipient, ChandBee, age 29
Hyderabad, India

Photo © 2014 Margot Duane

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2016 Leadership

Board of Directors

Board Chair Melody J. Summers
Vice Chair of the Board James L. Smalley
Secretary Jaci M. Lindstrom
Treasurer, Finance/Audit Committee Chair Linda Jones, CFP
President & CEO Monty M. Montoya
Northwest Lions Foundation Director Bill Lundin
General Elected Directors Kush Parikh
Diane Sabin
Sapphira Goradia

Medical Directors

Co-Medical Directors Harry W. "Buck" Buchanan IV, M.D.
David A. DeRose, M.D.
Sumit Garg, M.D.
Matthew Giegengack, M.D.
Douglas Holsclaw, M.D.
Matthew S. Oliva, M.D.
Associate Medical Directors Michael Banitt, M.D.
Marjan Farid, M.D.
Neil B. Griffin, M.D.
Bennie H. Jeng, M.D., M.S.
Terry Kim, M.D.
Alan B. Leahey, M.D.
Rey Pangilinan, M.D.
Audrey Talley Rostov, M.D.
Keith A. Walter, M.D.
Global Medical Directors Matthew S. Oliva, M.D.
Audrey Talley Rostov, M.D.


President & CEO Monty M. Montoya
Chief Global Officer Claire Bonilla
Chief Talent Management Officer Gretchen Coker
Chief Development Officer Scott Garrepy
Chief Operating Officer Bernie Iliakis
Chief Marketing Officer Rusty Kelly
Chief Financial Officer Tim McLaughlin
Senior Advisor to the CEO Sandy Jeghers

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Financial Report

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We Are Grateful for Your Tremendous Support

The Goradia Foundation

Thanks to the generosity of the Vijay and Marie Goradia Charitable Foundation, all philanthropic gifts made to support SightLife’s work in India will continue to be matched 1-to-1, up to $6 million – the total commitment made by the Goradia Family. That means your impact will be doubled as we work together to raise the necessary funds to ensure that all corneal blind patients in India can see the world through new eyes.

Cornea Recipient, Sana, age 12
New Delhi, India
Photo © 2014 Toni Cervantes

List of Supporters

$1,000,000 +

Vijay and Marie Goradia Charitable Foundation

$100,000 - $999,000

The Alcon Foundation
The Estate of Kermit & Margaret Alskog
The Hans Foundation
Indiana Lions Eye Bank
Richard & Jaci Lindstrom Foundation
Miracles In Sight
Seeing is Believing Innovation Fund/Standard Chartered Bank
SightLife staff and their families
S. Lynn Vaughn in memory of Harold Vaughn

$25,000 - $99,999

Synnove Fielding and Robert LeRoy
Dr. Alan & Kathy Leahey
Bill and Marsha Link
John Moffitt Foundation
Monty and Tiffany Montoya
ORBIS International
Satya and Rao Remala Foundation
Mr. Coke Shukla and Stephens Instruments
Snehlata Kanu Shukla in memory of Kanu M. Shukla
Harry L. & Clare Cayo Wilson Charitable Trust

$10,0000 - $24,999

Jerry and Ashley Barker
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
Gretchen and Mark Coker
Dr. Doug Holsclaw and Melody Summers
Scott and Jennifer Garrepy
Hemant Sahai Associates
Linda P. Jones
Tim and Priscilla McLaughlin
F.A. (Tony) and Robin Pestarino in honor of Doris Cortesi, LDO
Dr. Audrey and David Rostov
Darryl and Diane Sabin
David and Sandy Stone

$5,000 - $9,999

Jill Chelimer and Dan Johnson
Jane Fischer
Jessup Cellars, LLC
Kadimi International Pvt. Ltd.
In memory of Thomas Lindquist, M.D.
Amy M. Renfrew Revocable Trust
Dr. Jay Rudd
The Sawhney Family Foundation
The Schoellerman Foundation

$2,500 - $4,999

Claire and Kevin Bonilla
William Bouten
Edwards Foundation
Dr. Marjan Farid and Family
Dr. Santosh Garg
Dr. Sumit and Romi Garg
Bernardino and Pinar Iliakis
Rusty Kelly and JP Stephenson
Joseph McLaughlin
Microsoft's Employee Giving Campaign
Ada and Morris Olian
Alpa and Kush Parikh in honor of Aasha and Aanya Parikh
John and Bernice Woolf

$1,000 - $2,499

Sheetal Babbar
Ron Blaufarb and the JFK Class of '76 Reunion
The Boore Family Foundation at San Diego Foundation
British American Business Council - Pacific Northwest
Scott Davis
Richard and Joanne Elliott
Pauly Freedman
Virginia Gray
Group Health Physicians - Leadership Team
Krysta Hankee Memorial Fund
Tom and Mary Herche
Caroline Hoover
Estate of Hazel L. Horowitz
Arliss Hoskins
Joan Johnson
Drew and Lisa Maxwell
Mike and Kelly Meyer
Dr. Matthew Oliva and Dr. Davis Wilkins
Pratt Family Living Trust
Jane Rady
MK & Shuling Raheja
Dr. Walter & Janice Rotkis
Eric Schoenecker
James Smalley and Gail Buchanan
Jennifer Thorne
United Drilling Tools LTD
Brian Washburn
Robert Wenzl

$500 - $999

Mark and Heather Barbieri
Larry and Lorraine Bauman
Suman Bhat-Kincaid
Lothar and Karen Biermanski
Brazer Communications
Donna Bridges
Vincent Briere
Fred and Jane Buckner
Bill and Ann Burstiner
Gary and Janice Christol
Emmaus Lioness Club
Global Impact
Jennifer and Barry Greenberg
John and Kathy Guckes
Misao Hirai
Douglas N. Holleman
Edgar Hoover
Sandy Jeghers
Abel Klein
Kurt Lindquist
Lititz Lions Club
Fred and Sharon Lundahl
Kelly and James Mazzo
Josie Noah and Tim Wong
Mary Noah
Jacqui O'Neill
Bradford and Ranell Parker
Roger and Rosemary Richert
Steven Santos
Curtis and Rebecca Schlosser
Robert and Marcia Schneider
Laura Senft and Lee Bernhardt
Daniel and Joan Sturdevant
Debra Thompson
Jim and Debi Toews
J. Carr Trumbull
Anonymous (2)

$250 - $499

Chandi Amaratunga
Steven and Sue Anderson
Jamie Biesinger
Christopher Capuzzo
Michael Casey
Robin Chalk
Lyle and Gail Christensen
Angela Clausen
Sam and Karen Clayton
Robert J. Cochrane
Hannah Dahlem
Ted and Allison Dworkin
Easton Lions Club
Erin Eichler
Edith Fairhall in memory of Jeff Fairhall
Shirley Ganse
Sarah Gillespie
Jackie and Jeremy Green
Kelly Guevara
Christopher Hayes
Barbara Hoover
Betsy and Josh Huber
John and Mimi Iwanski
Anne and Hugh Jenings
David Jones
Debborah Jumani
Stefanie Keyser
Man Kim
Kristin Kompf
Denise Koontz
Diane Kroll and Jeffrey Carlin
Dianne M. LaFrankie
Chris Lanier
Mark LaRussa
Brandi Lien
Bill and Linda Lundin
Micah Monroe
Sonja and Charles Moore
Betty Mullin-DiProsa
Liam and Alex Mundy
Austin Nagasako
Shirley Nutting
J.D. Osborne
Cathy Pelzel
In Memory of Connor Redd
Dani Jo Reel
Nina and Gerald Richardson
April Roseman in memory of Howard Roseman
Douglas Rosen
Barbara and Eugene Rostov
In Memory of Arlene Seatthrlee
Tonya Shaffer
Thomas Sheridan
Scott Shimel
Troy Skubitz
Marianne Stark
Jodi Stepongzi
The Swigert-Warren Foundation
Greta Taber
The Tineo Family
Paul Trizuto and Ellen Nelson
Diana and Harris Verner
Loren Vesselle
Gary Virdell
Leah Watson
Western Pocono Lioness Club
Brenda Wolsey
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wort
Brian Wright
Kristen Yeager
Shunji Yokokura, M.D., Ph.D.
Jared Young
Anonymous (10)

Up To $250

Adam Fox
Adrian and Larry Lustig
Alexander Popov
Alma and Joseph McCaslin
Amanda LaRussa, Inc.
An Q Tat
Andrea Crosson
Andreea Petrisor
Andrew Baine
Angel Brown
Ann Buckner
Anna Hostetler
Anonymous (37)
Arthur Mock
Ashley Brown
Beatrice Alderson
Becky Pearson
Ben Lange
Ben Smith
Beryl VanDyke
Beth and Mike Sherry
Betty Ann and David Dickerson
Beverly and Michael Doleac
Beverly Ann Samia
Bianca Moreno
Bindu Manne
Boeing Employees Community Fund
Brenda Barber
Brian & Kelly Holmes
Britney & Bryan Guerra
Bruce Wang and Alexandra Kudryavtseva
Caitlin Peaslee
Carol Cantarini in honor of Banning Cantarini
Christa Brewster
Christopher and My Le Singh
Cindy and Dave Brown
Cooper, Kim, and David Barnwell
Danene Millard and John Shamberger
Daniel Girard
Debbie Matson
Deborah Gholson
Dennis Kapustin
Derek Yip
Diana Hoang
Dina Basaca
Donald Ford
Donald Lum
Donna Brott
Doris Nii
Doug Reichert
Douglas Colwell
Dr. Barbara Tochiura
Dr. Jonathan Rubenstein
Dr. Michael Secrest
Dr. Milton Jacobs
Dr. Richard Anderson
Dr. Steven Hokoda
Drew Cress
Ed and Vickie Cribari
Ed Deal
Edmond Nickson
Eila Ulyett
Elaine Springer
Eleonore Roesch
Ellen Porter
Elma Siemon
Elysia Elia
Eric Shulda
Erika Novak
Erin Nold
Fred Struck
Gary Magnuson and Sharon Masse
George and Mary Jo Hoffman
George Fulvio
Georgetown Brewery
Gwen Green
Gwendolin Hartley
H. Roger and Monica Gavankar
Harold Downing
Helene Powers
Ingrid Hile
Jack and Betty Kappler
Jaime Pinkus
Jaime Wanezek
James Hedden
Jan Hajnosz
Jay Roberts
Jeffrey Dobrinsky
Jeremy and Yumi Shuman
Jerry Gulick
Jess and John Anderson
Jess Harris
Jill and Don Day
Joan Vidauri
Joan W. Lindquist
JoAnn Jacob
Joella and Shelton Cole
John and Lois Evans
John and Susan Olson
John Saari
Joseph Brouillette
Judith A. Curby and Gayle A. Smalley
Judith Kayhani
Judy Dore
Julie and Mike Cooper
Julien Bezerra
Karen Pirello
Kathleen Glen
Kathy Brazeau
Keith and Jennifer Schorsch
Kenneth and Renae Battie
Kent Bassett
Kevin Gibson
Kim Williams
Kyla Jones
Laura Anne Popowski
Lawrence and Eliazbeth Forte
Lawrence Theis
Lee Cheng
Lianna Darabedyan
Linda Chou
Lisa Makuch
Lois Menard
Lorna Petti
Lorraine and Mike Nunziata
Lynn Diekmann
Lynnette Larson
Marcia Lagerloef
Margot Pierluissi
Maria and Victor Camicia
Marilyn Gran-Moravec and Gran Moffat Family
Marisa Baysa
Martha Lakin
Martin Menez
Mary Beth Ball
Mary Ellen Stewart
Mary Kizer
Matt Giegengack
Mayra Izazaga
Michael Bearden
Michael Perna
Michael Seacat
Michelle Jiang
Micki Krause
Mike and Rita Ardantz
Miranda Greenberg
Mitchel Spry
Mohan Sitlani
Mohinder Kaur
Mona Lin
Morgan Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. L. Blais
Nancy and Robert Eickmeyer
Nancy Wascoe
New Visions Society for Jenkins Township Lions Club
Nick Siclari
Noah and Becky Jo Tuell-Simpson
Pam Houser, Cornea Recipient
Pamela Seiffert
Patricia Colter and Ted Cribari
Patricia Joyce
Patrick Emery
Patrick Tewson
Peter Ebey
Phyllis Johnson
Prasad Subbarro and Rashmi Chandra
Rachel Barker
Raeburn Heimbeck and Cynthia Krieble
Raina Powers
Ramesh and Gowri Pabbati
Raquel P Pantalunan
Ravi Sundaram
Ray Williams
Renee Dunaway
Richard and Geraldine Dilts
Richard Grosvenor
Richard Harris
Richard Ledesma
Risha Schildkraut
Robert and Lois Renner
Robert Arundale
Robert Frates
Robert St. Thomas
Roger Brunet
Royce Wiersma
Samuel Maxwell
Samuel Quinones
Sarah Horton
Sean and Sonja Barlow
Seferino Castillo
Shamokin Area Lions Club
Sherri and Mark Ryan
Sheryl and Denis Fuata
Shirlene Shufelt
Shirley Coleman
Shirley Leong
Shopland Memorial Club
Silvia Santoyo
Srilata Remala
Steve and Katherine Zupanovich
Susan Allen
Susan Landis
Susan Li
Tara and Jason Shepherd
Teresa and Dan Carroll
Teresa Miller
Thao Phan
The Baker Family Trust
The Boeing Company
The Davis Family
The Kouchakji Family
The Millon Family
The Win'E Family
Timothy Bemis
Tom and Molli Dutra
Tom Miller
Tyler and Kathleen Mittleider
United Way of King County
UnitedHealth Group
V. Jane Krueger
Victoria Navarro
Viola and Jim Coumbs
Virginia Mitchell
Vishal Khullar
Vivian Burt
Warren E Mowry
Watsontown Lioness Club
Watsontown Lions Club
Wayne Stewart
Wendy Naugle
William and Betty Lewis
William Bethmann
William Tietje
Yeeman Allen
Yvonne and Eric Johnson


In honor of Aasha and Aanya Parikh
In honor of Andrew Carlin
In honor of Banning Cantarini
In honor of David Garrett
In honor of Doris Cortesi, LDO
In honor of Dr. Audrey Rostov
In honor of Dr. Harry Geggel
In honor of Dr. Matthew Oliva
In honor of Gene Fisher
In honor of Gerri Graves
In honor of Jim Smalley and Gail Buchanan
In honor of Kathleen Mittleider
In honor of Marilyn Schwartz and Richard Bellows
In honor of Maxwell Biermanski
In honor of Miranda Greenberg
In honor of Robert Henry
In honor of the Goradia family
In honor of Thomas Gillette
In honor of Vijaya Manne
In memory of Carole T. Stewart
In memory of Connor Redd
In memory of David K. Watson
In memory of Easton Taylor
In memory of H. Dee Wolsey
In memory of Hayden Messerman
In memory of Jeff Fairhall
In memory of John Judd Eastman
In memory of Josh Field
In memory of Kanu M. Shukla
In memory of Krysta Hankee
In memory of Lauryn Goldhahn
In memory of Leonardo Bezerra
In memory of Michael Meyer
In memory of Mr. Salinger
In memory of Murli Jumani
In memory of my cornea donors
In memory of Nick Butler
In memory of Patricia Wolf
In memory of Richard O'Neill
In memory of Robbie Artiaga
In memory of Russell Hale
In memory of Samir "Sam" Ashmar
In memory of Thomas Lindquist, MD
In memory of William "Bud" Stewart
In memory of Wilton H. Poolman

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