There is nothing more powerful than reshaping the world for the better; to have a hand in eliminating a disease...

Claire Bonilla, CEO

Letter from the CEO

2017 was a year of growth and impact, with more than 33,000 corneas provided for transplant by SightLife and our global partners, representing 10% more than the previous year. In addition to expanding our efforts to China, Mexico and many countries across Greater Asia, we added two critical services to our holistic approach to eliminating corneal blindness by 2040: the launch of our prevention program in Nepal which trained 117 community health workers, and the rollout of SightLife Learning, a program that dramatically opened access to learning for eye bank professionals in developing countries.

As we continue to focus on building sustainable capacity so that countries are able to meet their own demand, I am heartened to see the results as local governments, community health workers, hospitals, eye banks and surgeons join the mission. In 2017, we trained a record breaking 282 surgeons resulting in 51% growth in corneal transplants year-over-year. We also saw the design, training and launch of the KGMU UP Community Eye Bank resulting in 404 corneal transplants in its first year of operations, making it the largest eye bank in all of Uttar Pradesh, India - the state with the largest population of corneal blind. As we continue working with existing partners and develop new relationships, I am inspired each day to see the effect we have together in eliminating corneal blindness. The progress is encouraging, but there are still 12.7 million people around the world who are corneal blind. The key is joining together in our mission to restore sight and to restore livelihood to the millions who are waiting for a transplant. There is nothing more powerful than reshaping the world for the better; to have a hand in eliminating a disease in our lifetime. Each transplant reshapes a life, a family and a community, ultimately changing our world through changing theirs.


Claire Bonilla

2017 Highlights


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A Programmatic Approach to Prevention

In 2017, SightLife - in partnership with Bharatpur Eye Hospital, The Proctor Foundation, Seva Foundation and Himalayan Cataract Project - continued implementation of the Village Integrated Eye Worker (VIEW) program in Nepal. The prevention program helps ensure those who suffer from eye trauma can access care which prevents the need for a corneal transplant. The program engages female community health workers to diagnose and manage corneal abrasions, effectively reducing the burden of corneal blindness.

Last year, 117 community health workers were trained to serve a population of 120,000. In 2018, SightLife will begin expanding the reach beyond the Chitwan Valley in Nepal, scaling this program as a model for similar prevention programs that will be developed in other regions and countries.

Approximately 50% of future cases of corneal blindness can be prevented if patients are given timely access to care.

Training of 117 healthcare workers for the Corneal Ulcer Prevention Program
Bharatpur, Nepal
Photos © SightLife

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Raising Funds to Restore Sight and Restore Lives

Surgeons Helping Surgeons

2017 marked the inaugural year of the Surgeons Helping Surgeons program, which builds on the success of our surgeon training programs by fueling philanthropic support from surgeons to train their peers around the world. $1,100 provides training for one corneal surgeon in a developing country proctored by expert local and international faculty.

The program helps raise funds and awareness of one of SightLife’s strategic initiatives which is to address the global challenge that there are not enough care providers worldwide to treat corneal blindness. In 2017, SightLife delivered specialized training for 282 corneal surgeons in underserved countries – 17% more surgeons trained than in the previous year, resulting in a 51% increase year-over-year in surgical volumes by course participants.

Surgeon Training Photos (Top to Bottom): New Dehli, India © James Lehmann;
Hyderabad, India © 2014 Margot Duane

"As a surgeon trainer in this program for the past few years I have seen firsthand the immeasurable impact these programs have to people in the developing world."

Audrey Talley Rostov, M.D.
Global Medical Director
Charter Member, Surgeons Helping Surgeons

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Building Partnerships and Capacity

SightLife Learning Programs

"True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own."

Nikos Kazantzakis

SightLife Learning is a platform to not only open access to learning for eye bankers and surgeons in remote regions, but a forum where they can then reach back to assist others. The curricula focus on competency-based skills development and certifications through varied environments – Online, Classroom, and Conference – to reach more eye banking professionals and result in more sight-restoring surgeries worldwide. Learning opportunities include e-learning, webinars, in-person courses at eye banks, and conference based courses.

The first SightLife Learning Conference was held in 2017 in New Delhi, India and drew more than 150 eye bank professionals from nine countries to participate in skills training, certification, and industry leadership collaboration. In attendance were Eye Donation Counselors (EDCs), Eye Recovery Technicians (ERTs), Eye Bank Managers (EBMs), Medical Directors, Boards of Directors, and Eye Bank Association leadership; and ultimately SightLife certified 24 EDCs and 19 ERTs, approximately 20% of all EDCs and 9% of all ERTs from those regions.

Prior to attending the conference, participants accessed the learning content on SightLife Online, which included more than 40 technical e-learning modules and 70 other assets, such as videos and articles. Moving forward, SightLife Online is a scalable learning platform for global eye bank professionals providing technical courses, webinars, and community discussion forums.

SightLife Learning Conference 2017
New Dehli, India
© SightLife

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Rahul "The Hugger"

Bilateral Corneal Transplant Recipient
Pune, India

Rahul was born with Down Syndrome and lost his eyesight in both eyes at age six due to a childhood infection; but he was fortunate to receive a cornea transplant that restored his sight for 21 years. Rahul was unable to speak, but his warm hugs and delightful nature lit up the lives of all the people he touched. When his sight once again began to decline Rahul became despondent, suffered from nightmares, and cried silently in his room. Then at age 37, he received a new cornea and immediately his cheerful spirit returned! Being able to smile and see the smile returned to him brings more contentment than one can imagine, and it has made all the difference to Rahul and his family.

Corneal Recipient, Rahul, Age 37
Pune, India

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Eye Bank Center of Excellence

Uttar Pradesh, India

190,000 people suffer from corneal blindness in the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP), India. The 5th largest country subdivision in the world, UP didn't have a high performing eye bank that could meet the need in the state. This called for a new approach and as a result a first of its kind, public-private partnership was developed. SightLife, King George Medical University (KGMU), The Hans Foundation, and Sitapur Eye Hospital Trust partnered to create the KGMU UP Community Eye Bank, achieving industry leading eye bank growth in 2017, blazing a new path to ensure access to care for corneal blind people in a historically difficult region. The eye bank achieved 404 transplants in the first year and 700 transplants are projected for 2018. Equally important, it has served as a proof-of-concept for the role an eye bank can play in catalyzing development across many pillars including tangible state level development of policy, awareness, prevention, surgeon training, and of course, eye banking.

The KGMU UP Community Eye Bank
Uttar Pradesh, India
Photo © Mark Swatzell

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Our First Mandarin Geography Training Event

Taipei, Taiwan

Key staff from eye banks in China and Taiwan attended the Eye Banking & Tissue Evaluation Best Practices Workshop at National Eye Bank of Taiwan, Taipei. This was SightLife’s first training event in a Mandarin speaking geography, where more than 2 million can benefit from cornea transplant surgery, laying the groundwork for critical training events in China planned for 2018.

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Bilateral Corneal Transplant Recipient, United States

Jason grew up in an active family, playing sports and going to the beach – traditions he hoped to continue with his own children someday. Jason, however, suffered from a condition called Keratoconus in both eyes – a condition he described like peering at a prism through wax paper.

When Jason and his wife made the decision to adopt, he decided to get two corneal transplants so he could see again and be the father he wanted to be. Both his transplants were successful, and so was the adoption – Jason and his wife welcomed two little girls, sisters, into their family. Jason is now also able to continue his career as a guidance counselor at a performing arts high school.

Corneal Recipient, Jason, Age 31, with his wife and two daughters, holding the photo of his cornea donor, Nick.
Photo © 2014 Toni Cervantes

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Northwest Lions Foundation

SightLife was originally founded in 1969 by the Lions Clubs of the Pacific Northwest. Since then, SightLife has partnered with more than 250 local Lions service clubs to provide sight and hearing-related programs to low income residents in our regional communities.

The Northwest Lions Foundation – the SightLife division responsible for the mission of “Restoring Sight, Hope and Hearing” – had a banner year in 2017, working with Washington State regulators on early testing for sight or hearing loss in children, expanding mobile health screening programs to cover more than 34,000 children, providing hundreds of low income individuals with state-of-the-art digital hearing aids, and awarding grants to dozens of local sight and hearing organizations.

In 2017, SightLife gave more than $380,000 to support the Lions' community service programs, while the regional Lions Clubs raised another $150,000.

The Northwest Lions Foundation Sight & Hearing Health Screening Unit
Photo © 2011 Jerry and Lois Levin

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Financial Report

Selected Finanical Information*

*For full finanical information, please see SightLife's 2017 Form 990.

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2017 Leadership

Board of Directors

Board Chair Melody J. Summers
Vice Chair of the Board Vacancy
Secretary Diane Sabin
Treasurer, Finance/Audit Committee Chair Vacancy
General Elected Directors April Steinert
General Elected Directors Kush Parikh
General Elected Directors Marjan Farid
General Elected Directors Sapphira Goradia
Northwest Lions Foundation Board Chair Bill Lundin
SightLife CEO Claire Bonilla
Ex Officio Monty M. Montoya

Medical Directors

Co-Medical Directors David A. DeRose, M.D.
Sumit Garg, M.D.
Matthew Giegengack, M.D.
Douglas Holsclaw, M.D.
Matthew S. Oliva, M.D.
Associate Medical Directors Michael Banitt, M.D.
Neil B. Griffin, M.D.
Bennie H. Jeng, M.D., M.S.
Terry Kim, M.D.
Alan B. Leahey, M.D.
Rey Pangilinan, M.D.
Keith A. Walter, M.D.
Global Medical Directors Matthew S. Oliva, M.D.
Audrey Talley Rostov, M.D.


President & CEO Claire Bonilla
Chief Operating Officer Bernie Iliakis
Chief Talent Management Officer Gretchen Coker
Chief Financial Officer Howard Mendelsohn
Vice-President of Philanthropy Justin Marquart
Senior Advisor to the CEO Sandy Jeghers

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Who We Are

Founded in 1969 and based in Seattle, Washington, SightLife is a non-profit global health organization working to prevent and eliminate corneal blindness worldwide by 2040. Approximately 12.7 million people around the world suffer from corneal blindness, 98% of whom live in developing countries. SightLife’s efforts are focused internationally on prevention, community outreach, training and capacity building, policy, and advocacy; and in the U.S. on eye bank operations, educating and counseling grieving families, and working closely with hospitals and other donation partners to give the gift of sight.

Through our programs and partners, SightLife’s goal is to create sustainable eye care systems that help prevent sight loss and ensure that no one must wait for a sight-restoring surgery.

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We Are Grateful for Your Tremendous Support

The Goradia Foundation

Thanks to the generosity of the Vijay and Marie Goradia Charitable Foundation, all philanthropic gifts made to support SightLife’s work in India will continue to be matched 1-to-1, up to $1 million in 2018. This means your impact will be doubled as we work together to raise the necessary funds to ensure that all corneal blind patients in India can see the world through new eyes. In total, the Goradia family has committed more than $6M to support the SightLife mission in India.

Corneal Transplant Recipient with SightLife Global Faculty Member, Geoff Tabin, M.D.
Uttar Pradesh, India

List of Supporters

$500,000 +

Vijay and Marie Goradia Charitable Foundation

$100,000 - $499,000

Northwest Lions Endowment

$25,000 - $99,999

The Alcon Foundation
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Dr. Richard & Jaci Lindstrom
The Hans Foundation
Harry L. & Clare Cayo Wilson Charitable Trust
Himalayan Cataract Project
John Moffitt Foundation
Orbis International
Overseas Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
Seeing is Believing Fund/Standard Chartered Bank

$10,0000 - $24,999

Allahabad Bank
Darryl and Diane Sabin
Estate of Herbert B. Lipman
Forks Lions Club
Kermit Alskog Estate
Monty and Tiffany Montoya
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Ronald Cohen
S. Lynn Vaughn
Synnove Fielding and Robert LeRoy

$5,000 - $9,999

Bellingham Central Lions Club
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
Bill and Marsha Link
Dianne and Bruce Spaulding
Dr. Doug Holsclaw and Melody Summers
Jane Fischer
Marjan Farid, MD and Kamyar Tebyani
Scott & Jennifer Garrepy
The Mitro Family Charitable Fund at the American Endowment Foundation
Yakima Lions Club

$2,500 - $4,999

Aberdeen Lions Club
Alfred and Tillie Shemanski Trust Fund, Key Bank Trustee
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Claire and Kevin Bonilla
Coupeville Lions Club
David and Molly Pyott
David E.I. Pyott Foundation
Dr. Clifford Salinger
Dr. Matthew Oliva and Dr. Davis Wilkins
F.A. and Robin Pestarino, Jr.
Gretchen and Mark Coker
Kadimi International Pvt. Ltd.
Medical Eye Center
MK & Shuling Raheja
Robin and Ann Harvey
Sam and Romi Garg
Schoellerman Foundation
The Sylvester F. Henke and Marie E. Henke Revocable Living Trust
Tim and Priscilla McLaughlin

$1,000 - $2,499

Ashwini Bajaj
Atul Kapoor
Auburn Noon Lions Club
Bernardino and Pinar Iliakis
Bill and Linda Lundin
Bradford and Ranell Parker
Burlington Lions Club
Chewelah Valley Lions Club
Chinook Pass Lions Club
Chris and Diane Calcaterra
Clallam Bay/Sekiu Lions Club
Clarus Eye Center
Creed and Mary Noah
Denise M. Visco, MD
Dr. Jay Rudd
Dr. John P. and Mrs. Tamara Dawn Berdahl
Dr. Katherine Johnson
Dr. Kenneth Beckman
Dr. Parag Majmudar
Dr. Rey Pangilinan
Dr. Samir and Purvee Shah
Drew and Lisa Maxwell
Drs. Jai and Swati Parekh
Edmonds Lions Club
Ephrata Lions Club
Eric Schoenecker and Katherine Gardner
Fort Vancouver Lions Club
Geuder AG
Grangeville Lions Club
Hazel Dell Lions Club
Jai Parekh
Jane Rady and Edward Gricius
Jared Young
Jessup Cellars, LLC
Jill Chelimer and Dan Johnson
John and Kathy Guckes
John Palka
Johnson & Johnson
Joseph McLaughlin
Josie Noah and Tim Wong
Krysta Hankee Memorial Fund
Lake Stevens Lions Club
Linda P. Jones
Longview Monticello Lions Club
Longview Pioneer Lions Club
Lynden Lions Club
Marianne Stark
Mark Jennings
Microsoft's Employee Giving Campaign
Mike Greenwood
Moscow Central Lions Club
Moses Lake Lions Club
Neel R. Desai, MD
North Pend Oreille Valley Lions Club
Oak Harbor Lions Club
P. Dee Stephenson, MD, FACS
Port Angeles Lions Club
Pratt Family Living Trust
Rathdrum Lions Club
Raymond and Megan Kong
Renton Lions Club
Rusty Kelly and JP Stephenson
Sandpoint Lions Club
The Seattle Foundation
Seattle Lake City Lions Club
Sheetal Babbar
Shubhi Sood
Snohomish Lions Club
Solomon Eye Associates Physicians & Surgeons
Spokane Central Lions Club
Spokane Manito Lions Club
Spokane Shadle Lions Club
Stanwood Lions Club
Stephen McMillan
United Drilling Tools LTD
Yakima West Valley Lions Club

$500 - $999

Aman Batra
Anacortes Lions Club
Anna Christopher
Bellingham Harborview Lions Club
Bonney Lake Lions Club
Brazer Communications
Brian Washburn
Brian Wright
Burien Lions Club
Caroline Hoover
Clarkston Lions Club
Coeur d'Alene Lions Club
Concrete Lions Club
The Davis Family
Donna Stahl
Douglas and Leticia Holleman
Dr. James Guzek
Edgar Hoover
Ellen Woodiwiss
Enumclaw Lions Club
Everson Lions Club
Ferndale Lions Club
Gig Harbor Lions Club
Great Falls Sunrise Lions Club
Greater Wenatchee Sunrise Lions Club
Hauser Lions Club
The Huber Family
Jacqui O'Neill
Jan and Ken Maravilla
Jennifer and Barry Greenberg
Jimmy and Patricia Barrier
Julia Calantog
The Kouchakji Family
Larry and Lorraine Bauman
Laura Senft and Lee Bernhardt
Lions Club of Medical Lake
Longview-Kelso Earlybird Lions Club
Lopez Island Lions Club
Lucent Vision - Nimesh Pathak,MD
Lyle and Gail Christensen
Lyle Lions Club
Mark Swatzell
Mercer Island Lions Club
Napavine Newaukum Lions Club
North Clark Lions Club
Olympia Host Lions Club
Orcas Island Lions Club
Othello Lions Club
Port Orchard Lions Club
Post Falls Lions Club
Poulsbo Lions Club
Priest River Lioness Club
Pullman Lions Club
Quilcene Lions Club
Rainier Lions Club
Ritzville Lions Club
Roger and Rosemary Richert
Sandy Jeghers
Scott Davis
Seattle First Hill Lions Club
Sedro Woolley Lions Club
Shelton Lions Club
Sidney Lions Club
Spokane Hillyard Lions Club
Spokane Valley Lions Club
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Tom Miller
University Place Lions Club
Vancouver Lions Club
Virginia Gray
Willapa Harbor Lions Club
William Michael
Woodinville Lions Club

$250 - $499

Almira Lions Club
Amanda Schuetrumpf
Amarpreet Sethi, Inc.
Anne and Hugh Jenings
Austin Nagasako
Barbara Hoover
The Barlow Family
Bellefonte Lions Club
Ben Lange
Brenda Wolsey
Charles and Pauline LeWarne and Family
Chris and Jamie Lanier
Coupeville Central Whidbey Lions Club
Dani Jo Reel
Daniel Lennon
David and Crystal Walk
David Jones
Deborah Gholson
Diana and Harris Verner
Douglas Rosen
Elizabeth Register
Elysia Elia
Emerson and Lea Bishop
Erika Novak
Erin Eichler
Eva Mercer
Fairwood Lions Club
Fife Lions Club
Fred and Jane Buckner
Gary Virdell
Glendive Noon Lions Club
Granite Falls Lions Club
Greta Taber
Haley Nystrom
The Hightower Family
Hood Canal Lions Club
J.D. Osborne
James Smalley and Gail Buchanan
Jamie Biesinger
Jodi Stepongzi
Joshua Moore
Julien Bezerra
Katherine Lyles
Kennydale Lions Club
Kristen Yeager
Kristin Johnson
L. Stephen and Judith Brooks
Lacey Mid-Day Lions Club
Lake Chelan Lions Club
Lauren Johnson
Leah Watson
Leavenworth Lions Club
Leslie and James Voelkel
Lindsay Gorang
Lisa Cunha
Loren Vesselle
Man Kim
Marci Morford
Micah Monroe
Michael Bearden
Michael Casey
Morgan Stanley Annual Appeal and Charitable Spending Account Programs
Mount Vernon Lions Club
Mr. Scott Shimel
North Whidbey Lions
Olympia West Lions Club
Patrick Emery
Paul Trizuto and Ellen Nelson
Pledgeling Foundation
Poulsbo Evening Pride Lions Club
Ray & Barbara Galloway
Richard Franko
Robert and Marcia Schneider
Robert St. Thomas
Rockford Lions Club
Rosalena Miller
Ryan Balent
Sam and Karen Clayton
Sarah Gillespie
Schwab Charitable Fund
Shell Oil Company Foundation Matching Gifts
Sonja Torseth
Stephanie Heilman
Suman Bhat-Kincaid
Sunnyside Lions Club
Tara and Jason Shepherd
Thomas George
Thomas Sheridan
Tieton Lions Club
Tonya Shaffer
Troy Skubitz
Vader Lions Club
Vance and Jana Thompson
Vincent Briere
Walla Walla Downtown Lions Club
Will Ray
Winlock Lions Club
Zach Parsons

Up To $250

A Recipient
Adrian and Larry Lustig
Al and Jeanne Russell
Alethea Hilliker
Alex Sari
Alexander Popov
Amanda LaRussa
Amy and Oren Patashnik
Amy Crawford
An Q Tat and De Duong Ngo
Anacortes Soo Bahk Do
Andrew Blaufarb
Anna Hostetler
Anne Pruett
Annie O'Donnell
Anthony Keck
Arthur Mock
Asotin Lions Club
Barbara and Eugene Rostov
Barbara Stephens
Ben Smith
Benton City Lions Club
Betty Ann and David Dickerson
Beverly Ann Samia
Beverly Dart; Louis, Barbara, and Dale Anderson
Bianca Moreno
Big Sky Surgery Center
Bill and Ann Burstiner
Boeing Employees Community Fund
Brenda Barber
Brian and Denise Ross
Britney & Bryan Guerra
Caitlin Peaslee
Carl and Kay Baldwin
Carol Cantarini in honor of Banning Cantarini
Carol Tershak
Carole Gardner
Cathy & Neil Heimsoth
Chàn Nguyen
Charles Largent
Chris and Susan Zook
Christie Toribara
Christina Richards
Christopher Hayes
Colleen and Myron Kirchmeier
Colleene Low
College Place Lions Club
Columbia Crest Lions Club
Cottonwood Lions Club
Craig & Victoria McWhorter
Cynthia Kirby
D. Jean Petit
Danielle Burgio
David and Carol Key
David Risley
Debbie Matson
Denise Koontz
Des Moines Lions Club
Diana Rowland Aakervik
District 19-F Lions
Donald and Kathleen Ege
Doug Reichert
Dover Lions Club
Dr. David Chia
Dr. Jeremiah Tao
Dr. Rachel Gelman
Dr. Suzanne and Anthony Ames
Duane and Edie Huenergardt
Ed Deal
Ellensburg Lions Club
Elliot Rivera-Flodine
Eloise Williams
Emily Payne
Emily Thompson
Filomena Tan
Frank and Loralee Geisler
Franko Fountaine
Gail and Ellen Charles
Gail Smalley and Judith Kirby
Gary and Janice Christol
Gary and Linda Reidel
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Glen and Inez Aipperspach
Global Impact
Gloria Hardan
Goldendale Lions Club
Grace and Gus Ramos
Hannah Dahlem
Harrington Lions Club
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Kahlotus Lions Club
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in honor of Audrey Talley-Rostov, MD Laura Senft and Lee Bernhardt
The Chidakel Family
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Cynthia Kirby
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in memory of Kelly Ann Swanson Carol Tershak
in memory of Jerry Brown Emerson and Lea Bishop
in memory of Linda Caldwell Melvin Williamson
in memory of Lorraine Budzak Emerson and Lea Bishop
in memory of Marge Shepherd Ida Malone
Harry and Janette Lippincott
Steve and Kathy Noble
Karen Durkee
Gloria Hardan
Tieton Lions Club
Yakima Lions Club
Toppenish Lions Club
in memory of Marilyn Neavill Emerson and Lea Bishop
in memory of Marilyn Robertson Emerson and Lea Bishop
in memory of Marjorie Samilson John and Lisa Larson
Jeffrey Samilson
Barbara Stephens
in memory of Mike Porter Emerson and Lea Bishop
in memory of Paul Labes Anonymous
in memory of Richard O'Neill Jacqui O'Neill
in memory of Rizal V Pangilinan, MD Dr. Rey Pangilinan
in memory of Roger Steinert, MD Sam and Romi Garg
in memory of Ron Heilman Ron and Barbara Nakatani
Judy Heilman
Carolyn Ream
Virginia and Kermit Eng
Sourabh and Shilpi Sinha
Gail and Ellen Charles
Beverly Dart; Louis, Barbara, and Dale Anderson
Virginia Skordal
Donald and Kathleen Ege
Jackie Carr
Nancy Bonnema
The Pangbom Family
in memory of Ron Silver Melvin Williamson
in memory of Sue Cooley Marcia Lagerloef
in memory of Teri Sue Lerch Anonymous
in memory of Theresa Lennon Daniel Lennon
in memory of Thomas Frederick Kalhorn Sara Magee
in memory of Thomas Lindquist, MD Man Kim
Sarah Horton
Robin Chalk
Teresa Miller
in memory of Tom Riffe Emerson and Lea Bishop
in memory of Troy D. "Curley" Griggs Anonymous
in memory of Jean Peterson Bellingham Harborview Lions Club
in memory of Lion Curtis Akland Yakima West Valley Lions Club

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