Meet Sajida

Nine-year-old Sajida lost her sight due to an eye infection. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up. But she can only do that if she goes to school. Thanks to a life-changing corneal transplant, Sajida is now on her way to realizing her dreams.

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There are over 12.7 million others like Sajida around the world struggling to live with corneal blindness -- a treatable form of blindness caused by damage to the surface of the eye. They are small children, mothers, fathers and grandparents. People who dream. People who want to see the world they live in.

Most live in developing countries—where blindness often comes with shame, dishonor, and an inability to be educated or provide for your family.

A transplant operation can restore their sight and their lives. But many factors keep millions waiting in darkness.


SightLife is committed to restoring sight to the blind by making more life-changing transplants possible. We can’t prevent corneal blindness, but we can treat it. Together.

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An Unimaginable Scenario


Imagine every person in the city of Los Angeles not being able to see. That would be equal to the more than 12.7 million people living with treatable blindness around the world. Over 98% live in developing countries.

In India, there are 1.1 million people who can’t see out of either eye and another 5 million who can’t see out of one eye because of corneal blindness. We can restore their sight but we need your help.

Join us in creating bright futures through sight restoration, and unlocking life’s possibilities for millions.

There is hope

Our goal is to restore the sight of everyone living with corneal blindness—a goal we intend to reach in our lifetime. Watch our video and see what we can do together.


The world through Dharender’s new eyes

Dharender injured his eye as a toddler, after a fall. Over the next decade, his vision continued to decline until he’d gone completely blind in one eye.

Despite his hardship, he tried to keep his head up. Then, one day, his family received word that he would receive a life-changing corneal transplant from Dr. Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital in Delhi, a partner in our cause.

We met Dharender one month after his surgery. Shy at first, Dharender quickly came out of his shell when we gave him a camera. He ventured into the streets of Delhi, snapping pictures of fruit stands, street vendors, old men drinking chai tea at crowded cafes—the beautiful world that he saw with his new eyes.

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