Partner expectations

As we move towards our goal of eliminating corneal blindness, it's of the utmost importance that our partners are aware of the expectations we have for them. The following are a few examples.

Professional Management: Our global success depends on having strong leadership in our local partnerships. Therefore, we insist on the investment in a manager as a key partner commitment. We’ll look for these managers to develop as leaders so that each eye bank will have clear direction and a firm foundation moving forward.

Community Distribution: If you recover corneas from your community, you need to fairly and equitably distribute the tissue back to the community.

Clear Metrics: Our results and the key drivers are very quantifiable—and extremely necessary to measure growth, financial sustainability and quality. We track the number of transplants performed, the percentage of the utilized corneas and the family consent rate. These stats enable us to establish a clear dashboard of results. For global eye bank partners, we expect, at minimum, an eye bank will scale up to over 1,000 corneas annually by the 5th year of our partnership and should be financially sustainable by year 4 or 5.

Expectation of Excellence: Our five−year grants are renewable annually and based on performance. Annual bonuses are paid for exceeding targets. To reach our overall goal of eliminating corneal blindness worldwide, we must hit our numbers.

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Interested in becoming a SightLife Eye Bank Partner? Below is a self-assessment test with some initial questions that allow us to get a better understanding of the opportunity to establish, or help grow, an eye bank with you. Please email to Josie Noah at

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