Donation stakeholders

It takes a collective effort to be able to offer the gift of sight. Funeral Directors play a vital role in the success of sight-restoring eye donation and transplantation. SightLife's specially trained staff works closely with our donation partners to help make sight possible for those in need. These partners include Funeral Directors, hospital nurses, chaplains, administrators and medical examiners and coroners.

During our partnership, we want to understand your challenges and share in this experience together. By aligning with you towards a common goal, we can together offer more families the opportunity to donate and help change someone's life.

During such an emotional time, we want to work closely with you to serve grieving families. Families often find that donation can be a ray of hope during this difficult time. A mention of this gift at the memorial service can be a meaningful way to express this optimism. Throughout this part of the process, you are in a position to help in the recovery process. Please click here to read how to best prepare a body for recovery.

We also offer this resource for families that want to memorialize cornea donation at the service or in other ways.

Another way to facilitate donation is to allow SightLife staff access to your facility in much the same way they can access hospitals. We'd be happy to discuss this option with you.

SightLife offers helpful guidelines to assist you. Contact your regional liaison for more information:

SightLife is a member of: Washington Funeral Directors Association, Washington Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association, and Montana Funeral Directors Association.