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In 2006, SightLife expanded its focus to become the only global health organization working relentlessly to eliminate corneal blindness worldwide. Corneal blindness is a neglected issue in the developing world, where the majority of the world's estimated 12.7 million corneal blind live. SightLife is tackling key systemic barriers to sight restoration in several developing countries, especially India where the current need is the greatest.

We address the entire supply chain for corneal blindness, including policy and advocacy, awareness, partnerships (hospitals, mortuaries), eye bank development, surgeon training and patient care.

Since the global program started, SightLife has:

  • Since 2009, SightLife and partners have restored sight to over 57,000 people in developing countries through corneal transplantation.
  • SightLife has partnered with the Ministry of Health and the Eye Bank Association of India to formalize eye bank operating procedures and quality standards in India, resulting in better patient outcomes and more tissue available for utilization.
  • Since 2014, SightLife has provided surgical training to over 200 corneal surgeons in India, Ethiopia and Nepal.
  • SightLife has trained eye bank staff, eye donation counselors and surgeons to international standard levels in India, Ethiopia and Nepal.

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Learning Resources

SightLife Academy

The SightLife Academy develops leaders and managers to establish and grow sustainable community eye banks throughout world. It is dedicated to developing those professional leaders through rich and ongoing learning experiences.

The online learning portal can be accessed here.

SightLife Academy Fellowship

The SightLife Academy Fellowship is an opportunity to learn from one of the most effective, efficient, and largest eye banks in the world. This intensive, three-week program uses an international-standard best practices approach to develop strong leaders in eye banking, emphasizing people leadership, operational excellence, and problem-solving.

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SightLife is a member of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB).