SightLife has evolved.

In October 2016, SightLife launched SightLife Surgical, a for-profit subsidiary, to accelerate our mission of eliminating treatable corneal blindness worldwide by 2040. Please take a minute to learn more about this vital transformation and how it will benefit the 10 million individuals living with treatable corneal blindness around the world.

SightLife Surgical is built to tackle a global health challenge.

SightLife Surgical President & CEO Monty Montoya, William Link, PhD; and other prominent ophthalmologists from around the world discuss how SightLife Surgical will accelerate SightLife’s mission to eliminate treatable corneal blindness in our lifetimes.

SightLife is honored that ophthalmic industry veteran William Link, Ph.D. of Flying L Partners has made an investment in our organization and mission. His investment is being used to drive innovations in research, products, prevention and policy that will help the 10 million individuals living with treatable corneal blindness.

SightLife is both the parent organization and majority owner of SightLife Surgical. This unique structure maintains the nonprofit status of SightLife as the parent organization and adds a for-profit “engine” to power the mission. This structure also allows SightLife to stay focused on honoring donor families and the gifts of sight their loved ones share to make corneal transplants possible, as well as expanding our global programs. SightLife Surgical will take on SightLife’s legacy of providing high-quality corneal tissue for transplants to surgeons and their patients.

Sightlife and SightLife Surgical will continue to increase access to care and the number of corneal transplants performed each year to transform millions of lives around the globe.

We passionately believe that everyone who needs a sight-restoring corneal treatment, anywhere in the world, should have access to the care they need.

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