SightLife US Eye Bank is now a part of Lions World Vision Institute and SightLife International Programs are now a part of HCP Cureblindness. Learn more.

This website will not be updated as of May 1, 2023, but we want visitors to be able to access critical information during this interim phase.
With Our Global Partners

SightLife Drives Quality and Excellence in Corneal Health

Founded in 1969, we are the world’s leading eye bank and global health organization dedicated to eliminating corneal blindness.

Our mission fuels us, and our values of integrity, partnership, innovation, and empowerment—plus joy and fulfillment in the workplace—define us.

Our SightLife family is an innovative, global group of individuals with a shared passion for doing all we can for people suffering needlessly in the dark.

Inspired by the generosity of cornea donors and joy that sight restoration brings? Join us in delivering hope to communities worldwide.

As a global nonprofit organization, we operate with integrity and are committed to fiscal transparency, responsibility, and accountability.

We uphold the highest ethics and standards of quality set by the Eye Bank Association of America and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, among others.

Communities Around the World Impacted by Corneal Blindness Are Depending on You

SightLife honors the U.S. Surgeon General and Washington State Governor’s broad cancellation of non-emergency corneal transplants to give hospitals a better chance at providing life-saving care to COVID-19 patients. But now, as these cancellations continue to dramatically reduce our U.S. eye bank’s already slim margins, we must take action and we need your help to safeguard our ability to restore sight in the future.