SightLife US Eye Bank is now a part of Lions World Vision Institute and SightLife International Programs are now a part of HCP Cureblindness. Learn more.

This website will not be updated as of May 1, 2023, but we want visitors to be able to access critical information during this interim phase.
Anchored in History

Ensuring Our Viability and Sustainability

For over 50 years, SightLife has operated with the highest standards of ethics and quality as well as compassion, integrity, and purpose. We are committed to fiscal transparency, responsibility, and accountability.

Board of Directors

Board Officers
  • Bill Lundin

    Board Chair | Northwest Lions Foundation Director

  • Sanjay Chheda

    Vice Chair of the Board

  • Clifford Salinger, MD


  • John Gebhart

    Chair, Finance Committee

  • Jim McCorkle

    SightLife/LEITR Integration Officer

Board Members
  • Jane Rady
  • Audrey Talley Rostov, MD
Board Member Emeritus
  • Jack Smalley
  • Jim Smalley
Medical Directors
  • Matt Oliva, MD

    Co-Medical Director

  • David DeRose, MD

    Co-Medical Director