SightLife US Eye Bank is now a part of Lions World Vision Institute and SightLife International Programs are now a part of HCP Cureblindness. Learn more.

This website will not be updated as of May 1, 2023, but we want visitors to be able to access critical information during this interim phase.
Our Mission is Bold but Simple

Eliminate Corneal Blindness by 2040

SightLife is the world’s leading eye bank and global nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating corneal blindness by 2040. Guided by our belief that no one should have to wait for sight-restoring treatment or surgery, we collaborate with strategic partners in more than 30 countries to expand patient access to the cornea health services they need, when and where they need them across all stages of life.

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A 50-year Dedication to Servicing Our Community

Founded in 1969 as the Lions Sight Conservation Foundation, SightLife has served communities for over 50 years. In our 50-year history, we have supported more than 200,000 corneal transplants worldwide. We have also filled critical gaps and helped strengthen primary health care systems by training frontline health care workers to screen and treat more than 10,000 rural resource-poor patients suffering from corneal abrasions, the leading cause of corneal blindness, with a simple topical antibiotic intervention that costs less than $1 USD.

Founded with a Vision

Founded in Seattle, WA as a volunteer-driven organization our dedication is rooted in addressing corneal blindness in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S.

A Trusted Champion for Sight

Developing a new eye banking model to improve processes and operations, we’ve fulfilled the eye bank needs of communities throughout the Pacific Northwest and established ourselves as the number one provider of cornea in the U.S. With our local community needs met, we set our sights to share our expertise with other communities around the world.

Building Capacity for the Future

Establishing a health systems approach, we’ve continued to innovate the way we create sustainable impact in around the world. Through partnerships and shared passion, we continue deliver programs to build the capacity of health care systems in the countries we serve.

Communities Around The World Depend on You

For over 50 years, this model has successfully covered our ability to operate with the highest standards of ethics and quality as well as compassion, integrity, and purpose. But now, as the revenue we need to operate nears zero, so too decreases our support of donor families in the throes of unimaginable grief and our ability to serve the 12,000 corneal blind people in the U.S. we serve each year—and who we will quickly need our services once the virus retreats.