Our Mission:

Eliminate Corneal Blindness Worldwide by 2040

At SightLife, we’re reimagining what’s possible for addressing the inequities that perpetuate corneal blindness—and what it will take to eliminate it worldwide.

Through the power of partnership and health technology innovation, we are leapfrogging previously insurmountable barriers to bring corneal care within reach for all patients when and where they need it.

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Sightlife Staff Members

In collaboration with our brilliant local partners and generous financial supporters, we will eliminate corneal blindness in our lifetime—but only if we effectively and sustainably strengthen country-level health systems, which are key to preventing and treating every case of corneal blindness around the world.

Josie Noah, SightLife Chief Global Officer

Josie Noah
Achieving impact at scale

Millions of people suffer needlessly in the dark, especially in low- and middle-income countries, where the delta between health need and effective and appropriate care is often greatest. Why? Very few of today’s sight-restoring solutions are accessible or sustainable at global scale.

Most cases of corneal blindness can be addressed with some form of corneal transplant, but transplantation is often not the most practical option for low-resource patients with limited access to healthcare. It also won’t stop the staggering 1.5 million new cases of corneal blindness from occurring worldwide each year.

To achieve elimination, prevention and innovation are key.

And yet, even the establishment of a more comprehensive range of corneal health services that individuals and their communities need to thrive won’t be enough unless health systems can ensure access and delivery to patients across all stages of life.

For this reason, SightLife and our partners also work to strengthen health systems, especially at the primary care level, because lasting solutions on the road to elimination will only work when they reach patients at the right time and place.

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You Can Help Eliminate Corneal Blindness

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