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Healing Together Through Virtual Connections

Healing Together Through Virtual Connections

As the country continues to heal from the lasting effects of COVID-19, SightLife has continued to find ways to support grieving families during these unprecedented times. The pandemic has altered the way we go about our daily lives, and that impact is also true for the grieving process. Many rely on their community to help them navigate their grief. Friends and family are the cornerstone of support throughout the grief journey. With quarantine measures in place, it’s important for families to continue to find ways to connect and heal.

SightLife cherishes and honors those families who’s loved one has provided an opportunity for hope. We understand that behind every sight restoring transplant is a family who, in the throes of grief, made the generous and compassionate decision to help others. The challenge of social distancing necessities and ensuring safety have opened up opportunities to adapt and find creative ways to serve our donor families. Last month, we began a series of small, but mighty, virtual connections with families. Families from PA, CA, WA, WI and MT who normally would not have an opportunity to connect and share their journey. These virtual connections have shown us the importance of human connection, especially during times of grief, with families sharing personal stories and coming together to support one another along the healing journey.

Headquartered in Washington, SightLife partners with LifeCenter Northwest (LCNW), to recognize and celebrate those loved ones through joint Donor Celebration events held in Montana and Washington. Over the past nine years, we’ve brought families together in celebration of their loved ones. Our shared philosophies drive the care and respect at the forefront of our family interactions throughout the donation process.

This year, to ensure the safety and health of our community, we have canceled our Donor Celebration events. These annual celebrations provide us an opportunity to celebrate and honor our donor families across Montana and Washington, who inspire hope in tens of thousands of people through the immeasurable gift of life and improved health.

To honor these families, we’ve partnered with LCNW to bring our Donor Celebrations virtually, sharing videos and photos online to continue serving these families. While we cannot come together in person, we know that the healing process continues.

The need to adapt in support of our community has shown us that despite limitations in physical connection, we can still find new ways to come together and heal. Our initial virtual meetings have been so successful, that SightLife is exploring opportunities to provide the opportunity for our entire donor community to come together virtually this November for Eye Donation Month.