Looking For International Work?

SightLife International Programs Are Now A Part Of HCP Cureblindness.

In March 2023, HCP Cureblindness acquired SightLife International to make a greater global impact in eye care. Combining expertise and regions served allows the organization to reach more people than ever before. Learn more about the transition, give today, and follow our shared journey to cure needless blindness with high-quality, cost-effective eye care in underserved areas of the world at HCP Cureblindness.

SightLife International Programs are now a part of HCP Cureblindness.
Looking For US-Based Eye Bank Work?

SightLife Is Now A Part Of Lions World Vision Institute.

In August 2022, the SightLife US Eye Bank was acquired by the Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research to become the world’s largest combined non-profit research center, eye bank operation, and distributor of novel tissue processing techniques and services. To better reflect our commitment to honoring vision as a basic human right worldwide, our new name is Lions World Vision Institute. Visit Lions World Vision Institute to learn more

SightLife is now a part of Lions World Vision Institute.