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In the U.S., medical professionals play a vital role

Partners in Donation and Sight Restoration.

SightLife advances donor medical screenings, donor registry confirmation, family authorization, and recovery team logistics in close collaboration with hospital nurses, administrators, funeral directors, medical examiners, coroners, and other OPOs/tissue banks because cornea donation and sight-restoring transplantation wouldn’t be possible without the power of partnership.

Throughout, the experiences of our donor families are a top priority. While we take great pride in our compassionate team of tissue donor coordinators maintaining some of the highest authorization rates in the country at more than 70%, we are honored to consistently receive an overall donor family satisfaction rate of 95% or more.

Join us in transforming lives through the gift of sight!

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Help Eliminate Corneal Blindness by 2040

Globally, more than 12.7 million men, women, and children needlessly suffer in the dark. With your help, we can ensure all people get the corneal healthcare they need to say in school, maintain independence, sustain a livelihood, and provide for their families.