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Share Your Story

People have found that sharing stories of their lost loved ones helps their spirit live on, protects memories and frequently brings comfort during the grieving process. People who have had their sight restored through a corneal transplant often feel compelled to share their story to raise awareness of the life-transforming impact of donation.

We recognize this process can be especially difficult for donor families, so we have developed a guide to help facilitate the story sharing process. Sometimes, one finds their friends and families are hesitant to talk about a person who they have lost. But many find that sharing their story actually brings them comfort.

We treasure your stories. They are inspiring and keep us motivated daily. Whether it’s the mother who can once again see every little detail of her children’s faces or the grieving husband who said that the donation experience was the only light on his darkest day – every story is unique. Every story deserves to be told to honor the gift of sight and build awareness of the importance of donation.

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    Can we share your story and photo to build awareness of the importance of cornea donation? Stories may be used on social media, website, brochures and other marketing materials.

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