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We Serve as a Leader and Partner

Renewing Hope and Transforming Lives

SightLife takes a health systems approach to addressing the inequities that contribute to and perpetuate corneal blindness worldwide, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. How do we do it? We draw on our five decades of sight-restoring experience to expand the network, capacity, and capabilities of our partners globally, while also co-creating with them sustainable strategies and programs for improving corneal health outcomes in the regions we collectively serve, from Africa to Greater Asia, including China and India, to Latin America and the United States.

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Our Approach

Prevent Blindness
Prevent Blindness
We empower frontline healthcare workers and primary healthcare providers to reverse the progression of corneal blindness.
Restore Sight
Restore Sight
We build capacity and strengthen local corneal transplant programs to improve clinical outcomes through the gift of sight.
Transform Systems
Transform Systems
We take a health systems approach to addressing the inequities that contribute to and perpetuate corneal blindness globally.
Access & Innovation

We leverage innovation to leapfrog barriers and help bring corneal health solutions within reach, especially for people and communities in low-resource settings.

Eye Banking

We optimize and share industry-leading best practices to strengthen eye banking systems, continuously uplift donor families, and increase the number of quality corneas for sight-restoring surgery.

Awareness & Prevention

We empower community health workers to screen and treat corneal abrasions before they progress to blindness, while raising awareness of preventative corneal care in their communities.

Public Policy & Advocacy

We bolster political will and government support for the access and delivery of appropriate and affordable corneal care services, when and where people need them.

Clinical Training

We train surgeons, clinical providers, and ophthalmic as well as eye bank personnel in the delivery of high-quality, people-centered corneal healthcare and tissue recovery and donation services.


We forge cross-sector collaborations that build on the strengths of each partner while catalyzing and accelerating shared value and corneal health impact at scale.

2021 by the Numbers

Corneas Provided for Transplant
Clinical and Eye Bank Personnel Trained
Frontline Healthcare Workers Trained
Letters of Connection and Healing Exchanged

Help Eliminate Corneal Blindness by 2040

Globally, more than 12.7 million men, women, and children needlessly suffer in the dark. With your help, we can ensure all people get the corneal healthcare they need to say in school, maintain independence, sustain a livelihood, and provide for their families.