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You’re Invited! Join Our Community of Compassion Virtual Event

You’re Invited! Join Our Community of Compassion Virtual Event

This Eye Donation Month, SightLife cordially invites you to our third annual Community of Compassion Virtual Celebration on Thursday, November 17 at 5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM ET, where we will honor our passionate community who help provide hope and healing through the gift of sight. 

SightLife donor families, recipients, donation partners, and friends from all over the country will be in attendance for this unique event – coming together in celebration of Eye Donation Month. The event will honor those who make donation possible and pay special tribute to the remarkable individuals who selflessly donated the gift of sight, and the transplant recipients whose lives have been transformed by their cornea donor’s generosity.  

This year, the theme of Eye Donation Month is A New View. “Our theme celebrates the new perspective on life that corneal transplant recipients experience after having their sight restored, and the change in viewpoint donor families express when the pain of a loved one’s death is at least partially mitigated by the opportunity to share the gift of sight with someone in need of a transplant.”- Eye Bank Association of America

The virtual celebration will feature personal stories of transformation and impact from donor families and recipients. Guests will have the opportunity to share their “new views” of donation and hear from SightLife leadership to learn more about our mission and the transformative impact of donation.

We welcome anyone involved in the donation process or interested in donation to join the festivities. Register today to join one of our most meaningful convenings of the year. 

Celebration Program 

  • Welcome from co-hosts Stacey Dalman, SightLife Family Services Specialist, and Rebecca Grossman, SightLife Family Services Manager 
  • Candle Lighting an act to symbolize our donation community 
  • Honoring our Community of Compassion with SightLife Leadership 
  • Personal Stories of Transformation and Impact from donor families and our extended community of partners in donation 
  • Donor Memorial Tribute honoring those who made the compassionate act of donation 

Unable to attend?  

Make sure to visit our blog after the event to access the recording. There are also additional ways you can honor and participate in Eye Donation Month, including:  

  1. Registering to be a donor – the process is simple and quick (less than two minutes) at   
  2. Starting the conversation with your loved ones – sharing your wishes to be an eye donor empowers your family to say “yes” and consent on your behalf amid the pain of grief. 
  3. Spreading the word – show you support donation by sharing your story and educating even more people about the importance of cornea donation.  Reach out to our Family Services team be emailing

UPDATE: Thank you to those who attended. You can watch the full event below.